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MSU Accounts, IDs, & Passwords

Set Passwords

My Profile - is the online tool to set the passwords for the NetID and MSU Windows Domain Account. Please note: My Profile requires your MSU ID number and MyInfo PIN for login credentials.

MyInfo -is the location to set your MyInfo PIN for your MSU student/staff user ID (-12345678).

Account/ID Cheat Sheet

The Account/ID Cheat Sheet associates each account or ID with the service or services it is used to access.

+Account or ID =Password Service

MSU Student IDquestion mark icon

aka: Student ID#, MyInfo User ID, CatCard#
lock icon graphic(MyInfo) PIN

NetID question mark icon

lock icon graphic NetID password

MSU Windows Domain Account

aka: MSU Domain username
lock icon graphic Domain password
Account or ID Password Service

MSU IDquestion mark icon

aka: Staff ID, MyInfo, GID, CatCard or OneCard#
lock icon graphic(MyInfo) PIN

NetIDquestion mark icon

lock icon graphicNetID password